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Over 1,900 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Even luggage tags can be mapped! Image: ebay.

The most recent additions include:

- every view of the Pushkin Monument I could find, in various versions of the bronze bust;
- the only view I know of the largest Russian restaurant La Renaissance;
- this one was tricky! New New Stage (Xin Xin Wutai 新新舞台) that used to be where the Wing-On Tower was built in 1932;
- Shanghai Banking Corporation, architectural drawing and photo;
- rare image of St. Olga's Orphanage in the French Concession (I wrote about it here);
- a variety of drawings and photos of the Chinese YMCA on Sichuan Road;
- various views of the old and new Messageries Maritimes (I wrote about it here);
- some street views are hard to identify, and I have to check by the names of the stores: corner of Fuzhou Road and Fujian Road, Madunhe Hat Store, Sichuan Goods Store, "God Save Our Sale" at Sung Kee.
- I like to tease images out of newspaper pages; this one shows Yih Pin Shang and Jue Lu Hotels at the background;
- Each July 14th issue of Le journal de Shanghai had boastful photo essays about the development of the French Concessions, with some rare views, like this view of the Willow Court and Boissezon Apartments;
- from the same source, this unusual angle of the Cathay Mansions...
- ...and the Church of Christ the King on Rue Bourgeat, which unfortunately has not survived;
- beautiful drawing of the Metropole Hotel;
- Liza Hardoon Building as a drawing in 1935 and under construction in 1937;
- various views of Hope Bros. store;
- Nanking Theatre on Avenue Edward VII under construction;
- and many more.

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Old photos on Taobao

Photographic prints from personal collections sometimes land on Taobao. Here is a selection of Communist-era mementos from various vendors:

A Red Guard, with the characteristic armband, is biking along Changle Road, with the Cathay Mansions in the background. Look ma, no hands! It takes some skill to plan a shot like this.

Another Red Guard, visibly proud of her armband, is posing in the People's Park, with the former Park Hotel in the background. December 1966.

A Red Guard and her friends are posing against the Sino-Soviet Friendship Palace. Such good faces, some of them...

A group is posing on the Bund, with the Peace Hotel in the background. May 1964. Brother, husband and mom of the girl on the right? Or her husband, father and mother?

A girl in Xiangyang Park in the 1950s, with the Russian Cathedral in the background.

Curious about the scaffolding.

Three cool lads on the Bund in the 1980s.

This is a 1950s postcard showing the boating lake in the Peoples's Park (those were the days!). Moore's Church is in the background in the center.

This photo is probably from before 1949. "Rich beauty" (in the words of the Taobao vendor) is posing in the French Park, with College Municipal Francais in the background.