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Jinan Road then and now (1990s vs 2020s)

This 1990s photo by Guo Bo 郭博 was taken in the lane neighborhood Jing'anli 景安里 (185 Jinan Road 济南路185弄). The nearest gate, on the left, belongs to the large and beautiful residence at No. 17, called Yilu 逸廬/逸庐. (See it on the map.)

Today, 孫昌亞 on Wechat showed some present-day views of the recently destroyed neighborhood, where the No. 17 is one of the few to be spared:


Then and Now: Fangbang Road

Fangbang Road, near Sipailou Road, in the 1990s and now:

Since its conversion to the "Shanghai Old Street" the original purpose and the aesthetics of Fangbang Road have been slaughtered. Just look at these incomprehensible tile-covered awnings, not even to mention zero attempt at the integration of the stores. And how did they shave off decorative dentils on both sides of each window apron – by chipping them off with a chisel, one by one? Is it better now? Sadists.

Top photo: Guo Bo 郭博, bottom photo: QQ Maps.