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Katya Knyazeva's scrapbook

Shanghai history and architecture

City-orchestrated photo op alert listing streets with yellow leaves unswept
I remember when they tested it out with Wukang Road; you had to wiggle your way around the photographers.

Image: House of Shen 沈家大宅 in Dongjiadu.

#108 Shanghai Architecture Series: Pure Heart Church, Lowrie Institute, Mary Farnham Girls' School

Read the article in Russian or in Google English.
See all historic photos of the Pure Heart compound on the map.

Top image: link.

Old town in a feature film
The blogger Ding Liangcai 丁良才 identified the old town locations shown in the 1961 feature film Peach and Plum Blossom in Spring 春催桃李, directed by Lin Yang 林杨. Mr. Ding grew up around Gaojia Lane 高家弄, and the filming took place literally at his doorstep.

Cultured Phoenix Lane 文凤里, 27 Gaojia Lane 高家弄27弄:

Intersection of Gaojia Lane 高家弄 and Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄:

[See more...]
Another angle of the same intersection:

View along Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄:

Lane 5 Gaojiaheng Lane 高家横弄5弄:

Near 28 Gaojia Lane 高家弄28号门口:

View from Fuxing Road 复兴路 toward Zhongxin Lane 中心弄 (which is now just another speed lane on the highway) turning to Gaojia Lane 高家弄. There is a lot of running around this corner in this movie:

Xicangqiao Street 西仓桥街:

Zhuangjia Street 庄家街:

Playground of the Hui Minority School 回民二小操场, at Liujiang Street 柳江街:

Almost all of the streets shown above – Gaojia Lane, Xicangqiao Street, Zhuangjia Street – still exist more or less in the same shape.

Map from 1989: Virtual Shanghai.

The film, to quote this book, is "set in a primary school during the Great Leap Forward era. At the start of the film, a semi-illiterate housewife is made head teacher of the school. The narrative revolves around her efforts to change the outdated way of thinking of a professional but old-fashioned colleague and to prepare her pupils to play their part in the proletarian revolution."

Jinjiafang exhibition

In this round table on Jinjiafang and the fate of the old town, Prof. Li Yingchun says a very correct thing: "Any great city needs rich history to support it, including material remains and collective memories of different eras."

Meanwhile, in 1946 – fall fashion!

From 艺文画报 (1946年 第1卷 第4 期)

40+ videos of old Shanghai
Among the 40+ amazing videos of old Shanghai in the USC Moving Image Collections there are some brazen construction workers building the Broadway Mansions in 1934:

Thanks to Emmanuel Chantebout for pointing out this collection!

Over 1,700 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

The most recent additions include:

- Chen Qimei Memorial 陈其美纪念塔 in the old town;
- Del Monte Cafe on Avenue Haig – to the rejoicing of our Shanghai history buffs – about which I wrote for Magazeta;
- Tianfu Theatre 天蟾舞台 on Foochow Road;
- lots of views of the Green Lotus Tea House 青莲阁 on Foochow Road, of which I wrote for Magazeta and for myself;
- Houses in the Columbia Circle, from the private collections of the descendants of the residents;
- two views of the Yah Dah Ziang 协大祥 store at the Little East Gate (better low-res than no-res);
- the Workers' Culture Palace (former Grand Hotel), also featured in Magazeta;
- the Renaissance Cafe on Avenue Joffre, from a Chinese fashion magazine;
- the Neon Apartments 年红公寓, the provenance of which I'm still pondering;
- several angles on the Yates Apartments 同孚大楼;
- Livin-Goldenstaedt's drawing of the Astrid Apartments 南昌大楼;
- Poy Gum Lee's project 刘公馆 on Route Kaufmann, now a boutique hotel;
- C. H. Gonda's drawing of the Cathay Theatre, when the architect still thought he was designing a Carlton property;
- multiple angles on the New World 新世界 amusement centre in different eras;
- an ultra-rare image of the New Stage 新舞台 theatre in the old city;
- the Majestic Apartments 大华公寓 in various degrees of completion;
- and many more.

Link to the map

You can switch between the base maps and use the street grid, Google Scheme, Google Satellite or Yandex Satellite (which is often sharper than Google).

To only see the drawings, and not the photographs, choose the icon with the landscape, to the right of the photocamera:

#107 Shanghai Architecture Series: the Majestic Apartments
A "miniature city" and the flagship of Russian expansion into the International Settlement:

Read about the building in Russian or in Google English and see its historic photos on the map.

Image from The Builder 中国建筑 (1933).

The Builder (Issue 2, 1934)

Beautiful cover of The Builder 中国建筑 (1934). The impossibly stretched Park Hotel is towering over the Metropole and the Hamilton, with the Capitol building and the Race Club below.

#106 Shanghai Architecture Series: Grace Church at Laoximen
Hurray for the 19th-century Protestant missionaries and their perceptive eye turned on Shanghai! It took me years to grasp the full range of foreign missions in the walled city and find their (ever-shifting) locations. This intriguing church 天恩堂 was rewarding to research – simply because it still stands in its place, having been first built as an English Church Mission chapel in the year 1850:

Read the article in Russian / in Google English.