Shanghai Hong List (1928) is up

This is the July 1928 edition of the North-China Desk Hong List for Shanghai. It contains Shanghai Hong List (business directory) and Who's Who, but it does not have the Street Directory and the Residential Directory (until 1929, they were only included in January editions). I might upload the January issue for 1928 some time later. The 372-page PDF has navigation in the Bookmarks panel.

Uploaded Hong Lists:
1924 Hong List (Shanghai Street Directory only)
1925 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1926 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1927 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1928 Hong List, July edition (only Shanghai business directory)

Top image: Vogue 巴黎, the Parisian novelties store, which opened on Bubbling Well Road, at the corner of Seymour Road, in May 1928.

Shanghai Hong List (1927) is up

Link to the Hong List 1927:
The PDF file is text-recognized (OCR) and has a clickable Table of Contents and navigation bookmarks. I'm still trying to replace the original upload with a cleaner file, without duplicate pages...

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1924 Hong List (Shanghai Street Directory only)
1925 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1926 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1927 Hong List (all of Shanghai)

Top image: Shanghai Scottish guard outside the Soviet Consulate, 1 Whangpoo Road, in April 1927.

Shanghai Hong List (1926) is up

Link to the Hong List 1926:
Like before, the PDF file has navigation in the Acrobat Bookmarks panel.

All uploads:
1924 Hong List (Shanghai Street Directory only)
1925 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1926 Hong List (all of Shanghai)

Top image: Two buildings of the New World, at the corner of Tibet Road and Nanking Road, 1926.

Shanghai Hong List (1925) is up

This Hong directory is limited to Shanghai and excludes the Outports. The PDF file has 653 pages, so I added navigation (in the Bookmarks panel).


All uploads:
1924 Hong List (Shanghai Street Directory only)
1925 Hong List (all of Shanghai)
1926 Hong List (all of Shanghai)

Top image: Nanking Road in 1925.

The North-China Desk Hong List (1924)

I feel like offloading more treasures, so here is the Shanghai street directory from the January 1924 North-China Desk Hong List – one of the resident and business address books, published in 1925–1941:

There will be more – stay tuned!

Residences on Avenue Petain

These two villas at Nos. 18 and 20 on Avenue Petain, on the same block as the American School, were photographed frequently – probably, because they were so picturesque.

This is 1937:

This is the 1940s:

And this is c. 1990:

The one on the right (No. 18) was built in 1930, most likely by the firm of the Russian architect, realtor and contractor Boris Krivoss. It was advertised as follows: "Next to the American School, small modern four-roomed detached residence with garage and servants' quarters now ready for occupation. Rental Tls. 105."

Residency in both changed frequently. As of 1934, for instance, No. 18 was the home of R. L. Fong, and No. 20 was the residence of the family of Charles Wallace, the general manager of the cotton import/export firm called the Central Agency.

All branches of Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank (1934)

I love drawings of buildings and storefronts, and this ad of the Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank 上海银行 from 1934 has ten of them! Besides, there is some curious local knowledge under each drawing – such as Cantonese-speaking personnel in Hongkew branches. Hi-res image is 8 Mb:

[Here is a selection of some branches...]
2. Boundary Road Office

4. Bubbling Well Office, 791 Bubbling Well Road

7. Avenue Joffre Office, 589 Avenue Joffre

Far left in this shot:

8. Boulevard de Montigny Office (Foreign YMCA)


Old town maps from the government survey

I'd like to unlock my treasury and share some archival and research materials on Shanghai that could be useful to others.

These maps used to accompany the preservation guidelines for the old town (上海市老城厢历史文化风貌区保护规划), published in November 2005. Since then, the wholesale redevelopment has taken precedence over preservation, and these maps are no longer easy to find online, so I want to make them available here. I've made composites from the original fragmentary maps in order to fit an entire quarter of the old town in one image. These were useful for researching the Old Town books, although I found that many beautiful and well-maintained historic buildings had been downgraded in this classification, because they were located too close to the roads intended for widening or on the lots meant for redevelopment. Yet, this survey gives a good orientation in the scale and composition of the old town's urban fabric, which is set to disappear within a few years.

The color legend is as follows:
red = top-level protected heritage
orange = very valuable historic architecture
yellow = less valuable historic architecture
brown = ordinary historic architecture
light purple = after-1949 structures (ready to be demolished)
blue = modern structures to keep
(Mature trees, historic pavements and odd stone relics are not marked)

Click any image to be taken to the hi-res version, including the top one, which weighs 7.4 Mb.

Northeast quarter 上海老城厢东北部 (8 Mb):

Southeast quarter 上海老城厢东南部 (5.9 Mb):

Southwest quarter 上海老城厢西南部 (7.4 Mb):

Northwest quarter 上海老城厢西北部 (4.5 Mb):

The column is growing...

The NETA (Nobody Ever Talks About) column, dedicated to the lesser-known Shanghai architects, is growing! Now we have these names:

Gabriel Rabinovich
Wladimir Livin-Goldenstaedt
Karsten Hermann Suhr
Ilarion Tomashevsky
Hans Hajek
Boris Krivoss
Isabella Karsnitsky
Hans Berents
Marcel Guillet
Okano Shigehisa
Bright Fraser
Wm. A. Kirk
A. W. Graham-Brown
James Harry Blackstone and George Alexander Johnson

Future issues will introduce Godfrey Fozhen Ede, Paul Chelazzi, George Edward Koster, Edison Calatroni, Bela Matrai, Chiulin Shih, Elgin Erik Suenson, Paul R. Gruenbergue and Jones Architects, all of whom left their mark on Shanghai.

Additional notable names can be seen on the Building Russian Shanghai website. Among them there are:

Emmanuel Gran
Alexander J. Yaron
Victor Podgoursky
Jacob Lehonos
A. V. Kooklin

There is also an entry in the heavyweights category – Charles Henry Gonda – who is a celebrity now, but a few years ago very few people knew his first name or had seen his photo.