Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Over 1200 historic photos of Shanghai already mapped on PastVu

Link to the map

See the map.

Among the recent additions there are:
- a dozen of angles of the Trinity Cathedral, the first Anglican church in the Settlement;
- several new photos of the Jewish area in Hongkou;
- multiple banks in the business district: Central Bank of China, Mistubishi Bank, China and South Sea Bank, HSBC, Bank of East Asia, Continental Bank, Juxingcheng Bank, Bank of Taiwan, City Bank of New York, Deutsch-Asiatische Bank, Oversea (sic!) Chinese Banking Corp., Chase Bank, and even obscure ones like Sumitomo Bank;
- several angles of the Joint Savings Society (Union Building);
- an old building on Avenue Joffre that still survives surreptitiously;
- multiple angles of the Hongkew Market;
- Dinty Moore's Cafe on Beijing Road;
- multiple angles of Shanghai Gas Co. on Tibet Road (founded when Tibet Road was still a creek branching out from the Suzhou Creek);
- multiple angles of the Bubbling Well Garage, aka China Garage, that was hard to locate initially; turns out it was right at the mouth of the Love Lane;
- the grandiose Fourth Marines Club on Bubbling Well Road, now 'plaqued' as the Jewish Club, though that function came later;
- the quaint building opposite the Picardie, still standing, that served (briefly, it seems) as the Poste de Police Petain;
- low-rise storefronts that lined the north bank of Suzhou Creek across Broadway from Astor House before Broadway Mansions came to be;
and many others...

Although there is no search by name at the website, you can use this search form to see if the building you're interested in has been mapped yet:

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