Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Shanghai Heritage Days: June 9 & 10

The list for this year's Heritage Day has been purged of Republican love nests in the French Concession and padded with industrial and revolutionary sites (as well as sites that are open all year round – but that has always been the case). However, this couple of new sites is indeed worthy of attention:

1. The Dennartt, the residence of the high-profile English lawyer William Drummond and his family, inside the Lane 263 Huashan Road. Unfortunately, Shine gets almost everything wrong about the origin of the villa, so I recommend the Google Translate of my Russian article about it. I'm ready to stand corrected if better information is provided to the visitors of the villa during the Heritage Day.

Good luck finding these leopard throws in the present-day Municipal Department of Agriculture that presently occupies the building.

2. The French Mixed Court, at 22 Jianguo Road, also used by the government, and usually off-limits to the general public:

Source: virtualshanghai.net.

Tags: dennartt, french mixed court, heritage day

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