Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
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Exhibition in Melbourne: Distant Worlds: Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930's

Distant Worlds: Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930's

This is exciting news for lovers of old photographs of Shanghai! A whole new collection of images, and a new name behind them, were discovered: the photographs of Shanghai and Hong Kong in the 1930s, taken by Henry (Harry) Curtis, a Londoner. Curtis was a radiographer for British hospitals, so he developed and printed his own shots in the darkrooms where he reigned. I wish I could see more pictures than the media release allows, but for now, here are some images pulled from the announcement page. They are, obviously, crops of the originals:

The Bund and the piers. This is after 1934 (Broadway Mansions is built) but before 1937 (Bank of China not there yet).

This could be a creek near Shanghai or in the south of the French Concession.

A qipao-clad girl is walking in the Public Garden, past Jardine, Matheson & Co, Glen Line Building and Banque de L'Indochine.

This could be a street in either Hong Kong or Shanghai (I'll try to find out).

Tags: archive, australia, discovery, exhibition, hong kong, photography, shanghai

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