Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Over 1000 historic photos of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Link to the map

See the map.

A while ago I was a bit disparaged because of the limited search capability of PastVu, but presently there is a good reason to continue to add photos, so I won't stop at one thousand.

Recently added clusters of photos include:
Hongkou Fire Station
Margary Memorial
The corner of Nanking Road and Szechuen Road, 'the busiest corner in Shanghai', according to the studio that distributed this stereo photograph
Temple of the God of War on the old city wall
International Institute of China on Avenue Joffre, behind today's Shangxianfang
Multiple view of the New North Gate (Porte Montauban) of the old walled city
Chinese Garden, aka New Public Garden, on Suzhou Creek
Architect's drawings of the Russian Orthodox Church on Rue Corneille
Xujiahui Cathedral without its domes, in 1979
A sketch of Beth Aharon Synagogue
The old and new RAS Building
The Drummond residence (the Dennartt) on Huashan Road
Metropole Hotel in various stages of construction
Sino-Soviet Friendship Hall during the US President Nixon's visit
Some rare drawings of the above building
Jewish residents of Tangshan Road
Central Police Station on Fuzhou Road
The famous White Horse Cafè (Zum Weissen Röss'l) in Hongkou
A thorough walk-through of Chusan Road (Zhoushan Road), or Little Vienna, in Hongkou
The rarely seen Horse Bazaar, between the YMCA and the China United Assurance, on the Racecourse
and many others...

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