Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

'You tell us when to close!' (1929)

Assure yourself of a Happy New Year. Start it right. Watch the Clarins in entirely new act and song, accompanied by Harry Langums Peppy Orchestra. Balloons, horns, serpentines, hats, noisemakers, etc, etc, at the old standby Shanghai's best New Mumm Cafe, under foreign management. Rue Chu Pao San, French Concession.
N.B. "You tell us when to close!" Signed: the Manager.

Meanwhile, on the same page, a competing establishment, The Black Cat cabaret on Bubbling Well Road, promises 'Miss Ann in a Black Cat Dance Meow' and 'a number of delightful surprises.' I'd be torn.

Grand Carnival Celebration to welcome 1930! We are equal to every occasion – and of course, the merriest one, New Year's Eve. Pio Pineda and his Isle O'Blues Jazzifiers are headliners on an entertainment bill. Special big midnight show: Miss ANN in "Black Cat" Dance Meow! We have a number of delightful surprises in store for you. Balloons, confetti, noisemakers, serpentines, hats, novelties. Bring the girl friend or dance with our charming dancing partners. Dinner de luxe. The Black Cat Cafe & Cabaret on the Bubbling Well Road, No. 53. Also entrance at Grand Theatre.

(From The China Press, 31 Dec 1929)

Tags: 1920s, ad, blood alley, bubbling well road, cabaret, dance, shanghai, the china press

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