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Werner von Boltenstern photograph collection at LMU

This collection has over 580 photographs taken mostly in the International Settlement, Chapei (Zhabei) 闸北, and Hongkew (Hongkou) 虹口. The photographer was mainly interested in documenting the life of Jewish refugees, their commercial activities, community events and interiors of their homes. He photographed a great number of storefronts on Wayside 霍山路, East Broadway 东大名路 and Chusan Road 舟山路. There is also detailed documentation of some rarely seen locations, like College Sainte Jeanne d'Arc and St. Francis Xavier's College. There are almost no 'iconic' Shanghai sights in the collection.

Most intriguingly, there are many photographs of Chinese storefronts, some of which are sequential and allow for a partial reconstruction of a streetscape (which is my latest hobby). The LMU archivists were so kind as to decipher the stores' names and specialization.

I was able to map only a few of them, but I'm working on the rest. Click the image to see its location in PastVu:

This sauce factory, 张日新, the first outlet of 张崇新, was on the corner of Haining Road 海宁路 and Kangle Road 康乐路 (Cunningham Road), but it did not survive the widening of Haining Road.

This is Haihualou Restaurant 海华楼 at 268–270 North Zhejiang Road 浙江北路268号–270号, with Dade clinic 大德医院 inside Lane 272 (浙江北路272弄), and Hongyu shoes and hats store 宏裕鞋帽莊 at No. 266. This stretch was close to the Haining Road intersection.

Sometimes a sequence of photos allows to reconstruct the photographer's journey through Shanghai. Here he is standing on the same spot and pointing his camera a bit to the right, to Lane 262 and Tongde Rice Shop 同德米号 at No. 264 (浙江北路262弄,浙江北路264号). Note the beautiful and detailed gateways leading inside the lane compound! These buildings were removed and replaced with a green patch next to Haining Road.

The Mercury Radio Supply store 富星 was on 523 Foochow (Fuzhou) Road 福州路523号. The building was replaced with a new one.

Tien Sun Gramophone Co. was two blocks away, at 331 Fuzhou Road 福州路331号. There is also a new building there now.

There are many more storefronts in the collection that I have not mapped yet (and might never be able to). They are also duplicated on flickr and downloadable in hi-res. It would be curious to know what made the photographer want to shoot these specific shops, but I'm sure glad he looked at them and recorded them!
Tien Sun Gramophone Co. on Fuzhou Road
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