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Katya Knyazeva

The golden age of massage

The PROFESSIONAL classifieds in a 1930 issue of The China Press:


Foreign lady opened new comfortable apartment for hand, electric massage and pino bath, from 11 to 9. 311 Route de la Tour. T.F. 1853

Miss Ganette arrived recently, gives general massage. 59 Avenue Road. Hours 8–12, 2–9. Telephone 36024. (This is the infamous contortionist and extortionist Victoria Litvanoff, described in Harriet Sergeant's book.)

MISS ADELA, gives general massage and manicure, 492 Avenue Joffre. (It's important to know your manicurist's name, isn't it?)

MASSAGE, pino-bath, electro-treatment given by young lady daily and Sundays, 198 Range Road, Room No. 6. Phone 40117.

Member of Spiritualist Society Mme Victoria Seou, Palmist, cards and crystal gazer. 59 Avenue Road. Tel 36024. (This is THE SAME infamous contortionist and extortionist Victoria Litvanoff, who casts her nets wide, appartently.)

Experienced masseuse, versed in French. Hours 10–8 or by appointment. 132 Route Vallon, Room 17. Telephone 32774.

Lady gives general massage daily from 11 to 1, and 3 to 9. Mondays half-price. Appointment by phone 37548. 555 Avenue Joffre.

Excellent massage and manicure. Best studio in town. Ladies 9–12. Gentlemen 2–7. 27 Nanking Road, Room 1. (This one looks like the real deal.)

If you are discouraged, unhappy, lonely, unsuccessful in business consult Madam Duval. Famous Clairvoyante, Palmist, Crystal Reader, 7 Carter Road. Telephone 32258.

MARGOT, 629 Avenue Joffre (opposite French Club) gives general massage and manicure. Hours 10 am to 9 pm. (I don't know what to think; manicure always makes me think it's legit business.)

Lady gives general massage. Reception from 10–9. 76 Route de Soeurs. Tel 33998.

Lady gives facial, general massage from 2–7 pm or by appointment. Tel 18223. Hotel de France, Room 22, 113 Avenue Edward VII. (The hotel has a bad reputation, so...)

Miss Jenny, massage and pino-bath. Hours 11 am to 8 pm. 7 Astor Terrace.


'Pino-baths' were, apparently, baths with fresh pine needles or pine oil (as other ads from the era suggest). And 'electric massage' is a reflection of the 1920s craze for everything electric – and an indication that female clients were welcome:

According to Ralph Shaw's The Sin City, Shanghai massage parlours always offered sex services (and if you know another source on the subject, point me there, please):

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