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Another portion of Russian mischief in Shanghai: a fainting crook

Aged Russian Woman 'Faints' Way Out Of Court Into Jail

A purple-faced ragged old Russian woman, charged with being pickpocket, kept attendants in the First Special District Court busy yesterday by indulging herself in a series of fainting spells. Just as the judge would start in to question her, she would drop to the floor in a faint. The performance was repeated no less than three times before the tribunal finally decided to remand the case until next week.

Mrs Esther Mikanlinksy, age 55, was arrested at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the OSK wharf after a Chinese man named Woo Tuh-ming had charged her with picking his pocket and stealing a leather tobacco puch worth $5. The pouch was found in her possession and she was accordingly taken to the Waysid Police Station for the rest of the day and night.

Brought before the court yesterday she denied having stolen the pouch. She explained that she was subject to fainting and dizzy spells and that during one of these her hand accidentally got into Mr. Woo's pocket. She proceeded to demonstrate what she meant by fainting in court. From that time on, little could be done with her.

Taken to the disbursing office to wait for a prison van to take her back to her detention cell, she continued to faint. The van finally arrived and she was helped into it by a police matron. The case will continue next Wednesday.

(The China Press, June 17, 1937)

Tags: 1930s, 1937, article, crime, russians, shanghai

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