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Shopping festivals are nothing new

On September 8 another month-long "shopping festival" will commence in Shanghai. Shopping festivals are nothing new; they just grow in scale with years. Here is a whole page newspaper ad for the Avenue Joffre Day 84 years ago:

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Out on Avenue Joffre, where highways of the world cross, where Shanghai's smartest stores and shops blend into a confusion of old Moscow, Paris, Berlin, New York, Bombay and Cairo, Shanghai's thoughtful and economical shoppers find bargains that make the so-called "High Cost of Living" a mere myth. Ask the pennywise shopper where the weekly bargains are to be found, and the answer is "Avenue Joffre." Visit these stores advertised on this page, and see for yourself that high quality goods are purchasable at remarkably low prices.

V. Dookin & Company will fit you with corsets that will lend grace and youthful lines to your figure, while silks, fresh in texture and fresh in design, are offered by the Novelty Silk Studio. Aron Fein has received the second shipment of spring materials for dresses, suits and coats, and A. V. Koneff is displaying everything suitable for the well-dressed man. L. Baranovsky is offering $5,500 worth of prizes in cold cash during the 10th anniversary sale, and smart gloves, stockings and veils may be had from the Shanghai Liquidation Company. Simen's Beauty Parlor will give you that added smartness with a permanent wave or a hair-dye. Food for the kitchen larder may be obtained from the Warsaw Bakery, or the Jewish provision store Poland. Exquisitely designed jewelry is on display at S. I. Osipoff, and the season's smartest hats are being sold by Wiener Shick.

The eleven businesses participating in the shopping festival are all ex-Russia, almost all of them located on the blocks between Avenue du Roi Albert (today's Shaanxi Nan Lu) and Route Voyron (Yandang Lu):
- Aron Fein's textiles and clothing store; 893 Avenue Joffre;
- Osipoff's jewelry store; 851 Avenue Joffre;
- Novelty Silk Studio; 713 Avenue Joffre;
- Dookin's underwear store; 148 Route de Soeurs;
- Jewish provision store Poland; 312–314 Avenue du Roi Albert;
- Shanghai Liquidation Co, selling ladies' undergarments and accessories; 660 Avenue Joffre;
- Warsaw Bakery; 315 Avenue Joffre;
- Wiener Shick millinery; 717 Avenue Joffre;
- L. Baranovsky's store; 850 Avenue Joffre;
- Simen's Beauty Parlour; 698 Avenue Joffre;
- A. V. Koneff's men's fashion store; 825 Avenue Joffre.

Customers in front of Dukin's underwear store; Grigorieff's textile store in the background. Jack Birns (1949); Google Cultural Institute

Tags: 1930s, ad, avenue joffre, commerce, french concession, newspaper, russians

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