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Minguo Tupian archive

I've found an awesome archive of old photographs of Shanghai: Republican-era Images (民国图片). Some of them I've seen at the open-access Shanghai Library Historic Image Archive, but with a watermark and in a lower resolution. There are some I haven't seen before, for example:

This is captioned as "The public opening of the new Jardine Matheson building," on the Bund.

This is the only known picture of Yeshiyuan, a public garden in the southern part of the old town that disappeared after the Japanese air strikes in 1937.

This is the children's railroad in the French Park (Fuxing Park).

These are some foreigners and Nationalist supporters hastily boarding a ship after the fall of Nanjing in 1937.

These are White Russians watching the fire brigade performing drills.

This is what they are looking at.

This is a newspaper image of "White Russians marching in the Commemorative parade." This seems to be a pro-Japanese action, with participants carrying the Rising Sun flags and Russian-language banners calling to do away with those who assist Chiang Kaishek and to welcome the New Asia. The Chinese banner on the right seems to call to do away with foreign concessions? It is confusing how little I'm finding on this event, and I cannot even put a year on it. The location is Hongkou, the intersection of Wusong Road and Haining Road. The bookstore at the background is the 至诚堂书店, founded by the Japanese in 1912; it is decorated with the Japanese flags.

Here is the same image on Shanghai Historic Images Archive; it is lower resolution and has a watermark:

For access to the archive, consult this link.

Tags: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, archive, photo, shanghai, 民国图片

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