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Russian sites on old aerial maps of Shanghai

Here is a selection of Russian-related locations in Shanghai on the 1948 aerial maps from Tianditu. The selection focuses on the sites that have changed or completely disappeared; it does not include the two Orthodox churches, Russian shopping arcades and Russian-built apartment houses that have survived to this day.

The Russian Club on Avenue Foch (demolished to give way to the Yan'an elevated highway):

The Russian Club in the 1930s:

The Russian cabaret Arcadia on Route Doumer (demolished in the 1990s to build a larger building):

Arcadia in the 1940s, as the site of the Miss Shanghai beauty pageant:
Rare dancers and tables.jpg

The Gardenia cabaret opened by Alexandr Vertinsky on Yuyuan Road:

Gardenia in 1937:

Renaissance, a restaurant and cafe on Avenue Joffre (replaced with a shopping mall):

Bubbling Well Road cemetery where Russian high rank military were buried (now a public park, but one alley of the plane trees survives):

Pasenjao Cemetery on Avenue Joffre where many Russians were buried (a public park since 1958):

Here is a curious aerial photo of the cemetery:

And here's the Russian chapel:

The School for Russian Children (replaced with a basketball court inside the Xujiahui Park):

Hospital of the Russian Confraternity: the northernmost of the original buildings is still there, but the garden got completely built up. Strictly speaking, this is the kind of density increase the the French Concession needed (and intended to address eventually, if not for the occupation).


One of the hospital buildings in the 1930s:

The Russian Commercial School on the west side of Route Doumer and the College of Jeanne d'Arc, on the east side:

The Commercial School in the 1930s (now Donghu Hotel):

The College of Sainte Jeanne d'Arc in the 1930s (demolished to give way to the K-Wah tower):

The Ashkenazi synagogue, built in 1940 on Rue Tenant de la Tour (now gutted and changed unrecognizably):

Soviet Trade Mission that after the war moved into the mansion formerly inhabited by the manager of the Shanghai branch of HSBC, A. S. Henchman, on Bubbling Well Road. The mansion was demolished to make way for Shanghai Centre:

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