Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Some photos from the Budgets of the French Concession

Amid lots of text and numbers there are some interesting views, rare and not:

The northern edge of the French Park used to be quite empty.

Nice little villa on the right is still there. Huaihai Rd / Changshu Rd.

Route Winling (Wanping Road) in 1932.

Poste de Police Foch at 1307 Avenue Joffre, now Huaihai Road, corner of Changshu Road (1932).

The western extension of Route Vallon (Nanchang Road), near Route Tenant de la Tour (today's Xiangyang Road), in 1933.

Avenue Dubail in 1934.

Boulevard de Deux Republiques/Renmin Road, the street between the Chinese City and the French Concession, in 1935.

Lokawei Cemetery in 1935.

Rue de Marche (Shunchang Road).

The open public space in front of Poste Mallet looked so much better than what there is now.

Here it is seen from the north.

Source: http://www.bniao.org/BN/Periodiques
Tags: 1930s, french concession, photo

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