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Then and now: Shanghai's old town

Shangchuan Huiguan circa 1900's

Marine Merchants' Guildhall 商船会馆, built in 1715 in the southern docks 董家渡. Photographed at the turn of the 20th century and in 2011.
[more Marine Merchants' Guildhall 商船会馆 on flickr]

Catalpa Garden 梓园, the estate of painter Wang Yiting 王一亭, built circa 1916. The archival photo of the garden studio is taken during Albert Einstein's visit to Shanghai in November 1922; the modern photo is from 2010. Image above belongs to the Center for Jewish History.
[more Catalpa Garden 梓园 on flickr]

Ever-Spring Hall 世春堂, estate of Pan Yunduan 潘允端, built in 1559, later converted to a catholic church and renamed Jingyitang 敬一堂. The archival photo is undated; the modern view is from 2011. Of the beautiful stained glass panels only one survives in a side room inside of the hall. The building was used as a primary school gym until recently. Today, there's a retired citizens activities center in the adjacent building, and the hall is walled off.
[more Ever-Spring Hall 世春堂 on flickr]

Nine-Rooms House 九间楼, house of catholic luminary and official Xu Guangqi 徐光启 (1562-1633). The building is the northern part of the courtyard where Xu was born; he also lived here (very modestly) between his court assignments. The archival photo from Survey Shanghai 1840-1940 is undated; the modern photo is from 2010.

Ancestral hall 徐氏祠堂 built by the family of Xu Guangqi 徐光启 in 1628. Photographed at the turn of the 20th century and in 2012. The archival photo is from Survey Shanghai 1840-1940.

Main gate of the Temple of Confucius 上海文庙 on Wenmiao Lu 文庙路. The temple was built at this location in 1855 and rebuilt almost entirely in the late 1990's. The archival photo is from Shanghai Library old photo resource, the modern photo is from sh.city8.com.

Dongjiadu Police Station 董家渡警察所, built in 1934. The archival photo is from Shanghai Library old photo resource; the photo below is taken in 2012. The whole neighborhood is undergoing demolition, and the police station happens to be on the condemned block.
[more Dongjiadu 董家渡 on flickr]

Destruction of residential neighborhoods in Shanghai. The archival photo circa 1937 depicts street fighting in Shanghai during the Japanese occupation (USC Digital Library). Photo below is taken in 2011 during the demolition of the neighborhood around Marine Merchants' Guildhall 商船会馆.
[more old docks 董家渡 on flickr]
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