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Russian champions of old Shanghai

Inspired by the Summer Olympics 2016, here is a selection of photographs that illustrate the sporting life of Russians in Shanghai in the 1930s:

Russian bicycle team, winners of Shanghai open races, 1929, celebrating the first minutes of their victory with their friends.
Nr. 6 is N.Nikonov, No. 4 is N.I. Peliovin and No. 5 is N. Aliabushev.

The boxers of the Russian Regiment in 1935.
1 – the coach Oleg Shevelev, known as Babe Russ; 2 – N. Yuzefovich; 3 – L. Kamenev; 4 – N. Solomin; 5 – B. Fedotov; 6 – F. Charov; 7 – G. Peregaitsev; 8 – V. Liapunov.

The First Volleyball Team of the Shanghai Russian Regiment S.V.C., 1935.
1 – N. Shestoboyev; 2 – N. Yuzefovich; 3 – L. Dyaksis; 4 – V. Novokshenov; 5 – Yu. Chernov; 6 – S. Sogrin, the team captain.

Members of the Russian Sporting Association Sokol together with the studens of Ecole Remi perform gymnastics at the Canidrome, in 1934.

Girls and boys from the club "Sokol" perform a pyramid, in 1931. The society rented two rooms in the Russian Officers' Club, at 123 Rue Massenet (Sinan Lu), and used the garden for their practice. The building, identical to Zhou Enlai's house museum, is now part of the Sinan Mansions development.

But back to the 1930s:

Gennady Cherdyntzeff, who has just won the races on his horse Jews Harp, is photographed in the company of his wife, in 1933. Cherdyntzeff raced one mile in 2 minutes and 6.5 seconds. He was a co-owner and co-founder of the Far Eastern Credit Co.

Crowded public stands of the Shanghai Race Club during a sporting event.

Russian football team "Sokol I" during a game at the Racecourse. Center, left – team captain Sergey Khvorov.

100-meter dash at the Shanghai Olympic Games in 1935. The girl on the left is Musia Malinovskaya, a member of the Sokol club.

Pole vault winners at the Shanghai Olympic Games, in 1935. First place – Pavel Platonoff; third place – S.F. Kushnir (Sokol).

S.F. Kushnir during the pole vault exercise at the Shanghai Olympic Games, 1935. His jump earned him the third place.

G.P. Moutovkine, Shanghai's shot put champion.

P.I. Skoobin-Makaroff, heavyweight wrestler. Lived in Shanghai from 1931. Performed the lifting of a horse and a car, a fight with bull, and other numbers.

George Bauman, military pilot, hero of the WWI, wrestler, world champion and winner of mutiple prizes in Shanghai, where he lived from 1922 until his sudden death of a heart attack in 1932.

Wrestling match at the Knige's Academy of Physical Culture, June 1932. Many Russian wrestlers took part in this event, including the former world champion George Bauman who wrestled with the American marine champion Charlie Niessen. In this frame, the diminutive Russian V. Zinevich has defeated the much heavier American wrestler Lobacky.

And now, some active leisure:

Captain E.V.Bedrin, a bodyguard in the service of Lord Li, is diving into the swimming pool in his employer's opulent estate on Great Western Road!

All photos are from Vladimir Zhiganov's Russkie v Shanghae (Russians in Shanghai), 1936.
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