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Then and Now: Pictures of the Bund in 1887 and 2015

"The Bund. Time of Queen's jubilee." Shanghai Club is on the left; next to it is the hong of Adamson, Bell & Co.

Shanghai Club last year.

"Hong of Russell & Co.; jubilee time."

Today's view of Russel & Co.

"The Bund; middle portion." HSBC & the Customhouse (if I am correct).

"Looking from Bund up Peking Road." The building partially visible on the left is Jardine, Matheson & Co.; the one of the right is Siemssen & Co.

Former Jardine, Matheson & Co. last year.

Looking up Nanking Rd: Central Hotel and Sasson & Co.

The same view last year.

"View in Shanghai, Hongkew, or American side."

Astor House and the Russian Consulate in front of it, last year.

"Soochow Creek, Union Church and Boat Club."

View in the opposite direction last year. The Boat Club has been reconstructed.

"Entrance to Public Garden, Shanghai." What does the sign say? Zoom, enhance...

"Dogs are not allowed to enter the garden unless led."

UPDATE: Found a higher-res image at Harvard Libraries.

And lastly, a beautiful image of the future Garden Bridge.

All historic images are by Edward Bangs Drew. This beautifully executed website was helpful in identifying the buildings.
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