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Some extra fine living in the early twentieth-century Shanghai

Since we were talking about bachelors, here are some of the finest bachelor bungalows and family villas in early twentieth-century Shanghai, before the construction boom. The scale of post-Victorian living was truly awesome.

A Shanghai bachelor's bungalow called "Bridle Path:"

A corner of the drawing and dining rooms in Bridle Path:

The drawing room in the house of a bachelor named Andersen:

The poor lonely soul's dining room:

Villa "Uhlenhorst" of the Von Dürings (or Westerndoffs), on 14 Weihai Rd:

A group of wedding guests at the villa:

Mr. and Mrs. Von Düring:

Wedding guests showered the newlyweds with flowers and gifts:

A residence called "Wulfften," on Jessfield Road:

Approaching the Wulfften in a carriage:

The hall. How would you know you were in Shanghai?

The drawing room:

Villa Wayford of the Samsons, at 16A Siccawei Road:

Guests at a garden party at Wayford:

Mr. Maitland's bungalow on Route Pichon (Fenyang Rd), with the excellent name "The Back of Beyond":

A modest little house "The Copse" that belonged to the Arnholds, of Arnhold Karberg & Co.:

The entrance hall and the staircase:

A view of the conservatory from the drawing-room:

The floral drawing-room:

A cosy corner in the hall:

A corner of the dining room:

Even Mr. Li Ching-Fong (Jingfang), th Chinese statesman and adopted son of Li Hongzhang, wants to pretend he lives in England:

Principal staircase in Li Jingfang's house:

The dining room:

The house of Cheng...

The house of Sheng...

Back to the post-Victorians. Avenue leading to "The Neuk," the house of Mr. J. Harvie,

Rivers-Hall of R. E. Toeg on Seymour Rd (today's North Shaanxi Rd):

The hall and the staircase:

The dining room:

The drawing room:

Mr. and Mrs. Toeg's children:
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