Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Views Of Harbin (Fuchiatien) Taken During The Plague Epidemic (December 1910 – March 1911)

The main street of Fuchiatien.

A crowded alley in Fuchiatien.

Firemen pumping kerosene oil into the cremating pits. Dr. Chi superintending.

The first Disinfecting Station established. Dr Wu's Bacteriological Laboratory on the left marked X.

In the Laboratory; searching for infected rats.

Staff of Section 1; Staff Doctor Lei on left. This station was once a theatre.

Sixth Lane, the worst infected of all streets. Ready for burning.

Taking sublimate baths (1 to 3,000). Section III.

Staff of Section IV, outside their office, formerly a Girls' School.

The Old Plague Hospital, formerly a large Bathing Establishment. Here died 1,600 people.

Burning the Old Plague Hospital. February 20th, 1911.

Russian and Chinese Staff guarding Bridge between Railway Zone and Fuchiatien.

Roman Catholic Church, Fuchiatien.

Hospital inside Catholic Church Compound. Here died about 250 people.

All the captions are from the book that was found here.
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