Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Rare footage of Shanghai in 1932


"Steamship "Resolute" presents their world cruise of 1932: Hong Kong / Shanghai. Includes street scenes and daily life. Shots of boats, fishermen, farmers/field hands, a parade, soldiers and destruction. Intertitles."

Shanghai footage begins at about 05:32. It includes the ever-magical approach to the Shanghai Bund, a pan across its central part, and lots of vibrant scenes in the city streets. The most exciting discovery for me was the 2-second panning shot of the ruins of the Russian Church of the Epiphany, on Paoshan Road in Chapei, destroyed in the Japanese incident in January 1932. Thus far I've only seen a press photo of the ruin, but never a moving image.

The church is seen between 09:44 and 09:47, with the destroyed bell tower in front:

Press photo of the destroyed church, showing it from a different angle; the bell tower is on the right:

Back in the good old days:

More info about the church.
Tags: 1930s, 1932, church, footage, japanese occupation, orthodox, russians, shanghai, video, zhabei, 闸北

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