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4,300 historic images of Shanghai mapped on PastVu

Highlights of this project appear on the Facebook page Mapping Old Shanghai. Here is a selection of images from the latest hundred:

Laborers sitting along the wall of Butterfield & Swire, on Route Colbert, in the 1930s:

Prisoners in cangues outside the French Police Station, in 1925 – this was published in the Soviet magazine Ogonek as an illustration of the imperialist oppression:

[See more images...]
Communist (?) soldiers marching on Szechuen Road, past Liza Hardoon Building, in 1949:

Motorcade of Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, USN, along Route Mercier crossing Rue Bourgeat, in 1945; the French Club is in the background:

Hollywood actress Anna May Wong visiting the headquarters of the Star Motion Picture Co., on Siccawei Creek, in 1936:

Light traffic on South Henan Road, in 1986:

Drivers posing outside their Silver Taxi vehicles lined up outside the garage on Avenue Haig:

Pedestrians on West Nanking Road, in 1982:

US Marines outside their billet on Ferry Road, courtesy Fred Greguras:

Flooded intersection of Avenue Foch and Semour Road, in 1940:

Acrobats on stilts, walking in a parade in downtown Shanghai, in 1949:

More historic images can be found in the PastVu gallery.

Link to the map

You can use various base maps: Mapnik street map and Google Scheme are good for reading the street names. Yandex Satellite is often sharper than Google Satellite.

To switch from photographs to paintings and graphics, choose the landscape icon on the right of the photo camera. The "outgoing arrow" icon further to the right forces to open a new tab for each clicked image.

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