Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

"Smoke and mud above the houses..." (1927)

Raisa Bloch (1899–1943) – yet another Russian poet who did not like Berlin's melancholic climate in the 1920s. Later, exiled in France, in spite of her bravery and decication to helping others, she and her family suffered a tragic fate in the hands of the Nazi.

Над домами дым и глина,
А на улицах вода.
О, дождливого Берлина
Ненавистная страда!

Вот идут, идут рядами,
Не поймешь, не знаешь кто,
С глянцевитыми зонтами
В прорезиненных пальто.

И какое же им дело
До зеленых зеленей,
До дороги почернелой,
До того, что пролетела
Птица радости моей.

Берлин. Март 1927 года.

My (awkward and hasty) translation:

Smoke and mud above the buildings,
Water running in the street.
Oh this rainy, rainy city,
How I hate you, oh Berlin.

Trotting one behind another,
He, or her, or who knows who,
With their rubberized umbrellas
And impermeable cloaks.

Green and lush the city gardens,
Black and wet the city streets,
But nobody takes a notice,
And the bird of my enjoyment,
Flies away and disappears.

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