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New upload: Four Months of War (1937)

Four Months of War (1937)

"A pen and picture record of the hostilities between Japan and China in and around Shanghai from August 9th till December 1937, from the press of the North-China Daily News." Printed and published by the North-China Daily News & Herald Limited, Shanghai.

"The book covers the events from August 9 to December 19, 1937, beginning with the Oyama Incident and ending with Shanghai's capture by the Japanese. The Chinese retreat from Shanghai shattered Chiang Kai Shek's attempt to modernise China's armed forces, and ended the first major engagement in China's brutal war against Japan. This book's illustrations depict the bloody consequences of an air war fought over a densely populated city: bombed-out buildings, civilians strafed with machine gun fire, massive fires burning through the heart of the city, and tens of thousands of refugees displaced." (Description from here)
Illustrated by dozens of NCDN photographs, and 13 hand-drawn illustrations by Sapajou (Georgii Sapojnikoff).

Damaged foreign homes on Hungjao Road.

Related uploads to Internet Archive.

Shanghai's Zikawei Library also has Five Months of War (1937); it used to be on the open access shelf in the public reading room
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