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Bastille Day in Shanghai in different years

1912: Rue du Consulat decorated for the Bastille Day:

1924: "A happy crowd of spectators watching an acquatic contest in the Verdun Gardens":

1926: "One way of keeping cool on the blazing Fourteenth of July: French firemen's aquatic sports in Koukaza Gardens":

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1927: Illuminated arch erected at the entrance to Koukaza Park:

1928: Decorating Hotel de Ville (the Municipal Administration building):

Also 1928: Giant puppets promenading in the streets of Shanghai:

1931: Itinerant vendors selling French national flags in the French Concessions streets in preparation for the Bastille Day:

1933: Advertisement for the special program at the Hai-Alai Auditorium:

1934: Illuminated arch at Koukaza (French Park), again, with some changes:

1935: The cover of the special issue of Le journal de Shanghai:

1936: Marcel Confectionery and one of their famous cakes – different each year – created for the Bastille Day:

Also 1936: Cover of the special issue of Le journal de Shanghai, showing the War Memorial and the Gutzlaff Tower in the background, at the border of the two foreign settlements:

1937: Cover of the special issue of Shanghai Times, announcing the project of the Messageries Maritimes building, to replace the old one, on the Bund:

1938: French cruiser Primauguet on the Whangpoo:

1939: Qingdao beauty queen Selina Gesu with husband Baron d'Auxion de Ruffe (left) and a friend, solemnly celebrating at the French Club:

Also 1939: Scenes from the celebrations in Shanghai:

1940: Ambassador Cosme (right) toasting at the finale of the "quiet celebrations" which consisted only of the flag-raising ceremony and a reception at the Consulate:

1941: Once again, the celebrations were of subdued nature" – in compliance with the wishes of Marshal Petain – and included the ceremony at the Pahsienjao Cemetery, with the Ambassador Henri Cosme laying the wreath at the Monument des Morts:

1947: The French community celebrating the Bastille Day:

1949: The Consul-General and Madame Bouffanais greeting the guests at the official reception:

1950: The Consul-General Royere greeting the somewhat diminished community of diplomats and municipal officials:

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