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Indian suite, Cathay Hotel, then and now (1929 vs. 2019)

Image: Susan Blumberg-Kason.

It was interesting to glimpse the present-day look of the Indian suite at the Cathay Hotel: http://www.susanbkason.com/2019/05/16/a-secret-look-at-the-peace-hotel/#.YNRjkW6xV24

When Cathay Hotel was still a novelty on the Bund, local newspapers reported:

"There are nine suites de luxe, which consist of a bedroom, dining room, drawing room and two bathrooms: these are done in the architecture of various nations, of which special mention must be made of the Indian, Japanese and Chinese suites, which are exceptionally magnificent." (China Press, 2 Aug 1929)

“There are 250 rooms and suites, each with private bathroom, equipped with modern sanitation. Nor is the  guest condemned to uniform furniture and decorations, for apart from English and French designs, suites are obtainable with Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Georgian and Jacobean motif in the furnishing." (North-China Herald, 3 Aug 1932)

"The nine suites have each a style of their own – English, Old English, Chinese, Japanese, Futuristic, etc – and the designers even went the length of putting on skilled Chinese and Japanese workmen to ensure that the rooms accredited to their respective countries were complete to the smallest detail." (North-China Herald, 3 Aug 1929)

So the original suites were 1) Japanese, 2) Chinese, 3) Indian, 4) Jacobean (early 17th century English), 5) Georgian (18th century English), 6) Futuristic, 7) French, 8) French and 9) ... what else? Or was one of the French suites "futuristic"? It would be curious to see...

The original Chinese, Jacobean, Indian and Japanese suites. Peter Hibbard, The Bund Shanghai.

Indian suite in 1929:

Indian suite in 2019:

Image: Historic Shanghai.

Today the suites are 1) Japanese, 2) Chinese, 3) Indian, 4) American, 5) German, 6) Italian, 7) English, 8) French, and 9) Spanish.
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