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St. Nicholas Church, perspective drawings by P. P. Fedorovsky (1932)

Another gorgeous find at the MRC in San Francisco was this tinted perspective drawing of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, designed by Alexander J. Yaron. I've seen black and white versions in Shanghai newspapers and magazines, but never realised the master drawing was so huge, measuring about 40 cm x 70 cm, as I recall. The author of the drawing, Peter Petrovich Fedorovsky (1905–?), was the youngest son of the renowned Siberian architect Peter Fedorivich Fedorovsky (1864–1944), the head of the architecture department of Harbin Polytechnic Institute. Brought to China by his parents, Fedorovsky-son got his architecture degree at an American correspondence school and worked in Harbin companies before moving to Shanghai in 1930; here, he worked on projects with Emmanuel Gran and Alexander Yaron.

"Russian Orthodox Church, to be erected at Rue Corneille, Shanghai. A. J. Yaron, Architect & Civil Engineer. Shanghai, November 25, 1932. Perspective by P. Fedorovsky." Top photo by Yves Franquien.


Another version, published in the North-China Sunday News Magazine Supplement, 18 December 1932:

One more version of the drawing, uncolored:

P. P. Fedorovsky’s professional biography is now on Building Russian Shanghai.
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