Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

New project: Necropolis of Russian Shanghai

I am happy to introduce the web project Necropolis of Russian Shanghai, which took slightly over a year to make. It is an online database of all known Russian* deaths in Shanghai, from 1858 to 1994, which we found in obituaries, emigrant cards, police records, personal correspondence, memoirs, etc. As a starting point, we took Dr. Victoria Sharonova's study Necropol Russkogo Shanghaia (2013), with its 1060+ records, and then digitized, translated and expanded the database, almost doubling the number of personalities.

The records are organized alphabetically by the English spelling of the surname; they can be accessed by clicking on each letter in the All records section. The search box in the top right corner is not usable yet, but it is possible to search each page by using 'Ctrl+F' or 'Command+F'. You can also view the whole table on Google Docs.

There is a huge humber of omissions, due to the absence of press coverage and other documentation, and I will be thankful for additional information of any kind!

* By Russians, as always in the case of Shanghai, we mean all ex-subjects of the Russian Empire and their children, as well as all those identifying with the Russians by birth, faith, language and self-description.
Tags: 2021, cemetery, death, necropolis, nrs, russians, shanghai, website

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