Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Soft opening: Shanghai Old Town website

Tags: maps, old town, shanghai, website, 老城厢

Posts from This Journal “old town” Tag

  • East Fuxing Road in 1986

    Photo by Hans Birger Nielsen, 1986. Flickr. Before Fuxing Road was a multi-lane traffic channel, it had very pronounced curves,…

  • Shuyinlou in autumn 2021

    Image by caizhen99 at Twitter. Other posts about Shuyinlou in this blog.

  • Penglai Road

    From Mapping Old Shanghai: Little is known about this fancy shikumen residence on Penglai Road, in the old town. In the 1930s, it was part of a…

  • Research blog

    A number of richly illustrated articles by the pre-eminent Shanghai historian Xue Liyong 薛理勇 are collected on the 上海交大建筑遗产保护国际研究中心 blog. Among…

  • An article on Shanghai city walls, in Chinese (2004)

    The article 上海城墙的兴废:一个功能与象征的表达, by Du Zhengzhen 杜正贞, is very thorough; it gives a detailed step-by-step story of the construction of the wall in…

  • Fake preservation alert: Wanzhu Street mansion

    Like "Fake News" – the global danger that the audiences have been learning to recognize and resist – the city of Shanghai…

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