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Shanghai Zaria moves to a new office (1933)

"The new premises of the Shanghai Zaria ("Шанхайская заря"), local Russian daily newspaper, was inaugurated yesterday afternoon with an 'open house' attended by newspapermen, officials of the three municipalities and a large number of friends of the paper [358 guests total]. Refreshments were served and the various departments of this leading Slavic newspaper were thrown open for the first time to the public. The Shanghai Zaria was established in this city in 1925 on Broadway and moved soon afterward to 113 Avenue Edward VII. In 1927 the newspaper moved to 551 Avenue Joffre. Two weeks ago the present premises at 774 Avenue Joffre were leased for the newspaper. The Thriftcor Bank occupies the ground floor today."

"The publisher of Shanghai Zaria is Mrs. O. V. Lembich, and the managing director is E. S. Kaufman. Leo Arnoldoff is editor-in-chief. The staff of Shanghai Zaria numbers approximately 30 Russians and 50 Chinese. Two editions are published a day: one of about 12 pages in the morning, and one of about 4 to 6 pages at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Advertising comprises about 50% of the paper, and a large job-printing business is done. The Christmas and New Year editions are over a hundred pages. Branches are maintained in Harbin and Tientsin."

Shanghai, 19 June 1933.

Owner of the newspaper, Olga Lembich, with principal publishers and journalists Petroff, Kaufman and Arnoldov:

The old office, at 551 Avenue Joffre:

Clippings from the newspaper.

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