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Katya Knyazeva

Historic footage: With the Asiatic Fleet (1934)


Shanghai section starts at 4:10. And what a section! Seeing the moving image increases the fun by 200% compared to the stills. US sailors are shown racing their hired sampans to the shore, boarding the rickshaws and riding through Shanghai.

[See more stills...]
The movie mixes the footage taken at different moments, so here we see the sailors walking north along the French Bund, past the portable lunch stop:

Interspersed with a dramatic low angle on Robet Hart's statue in front of the Custom House, with HSBC in the background:

And then we see them going back south along the Bund, past the French Consulate, to the rickshaw stop. Maybe they could not find any rides up north.

Waking up the rickshaw puller. (Are these bells on both sides? Or lanterns?)

Getting into their rickshaws on the French Bund and starting the ride:

Eyeing other passengers during the traffic stops:

Visiting a park and doing some standard touring:

The footage is also downloadable (154 Mb). There are thirty-three historic reels showing Shanghai at one point or another.

Tags: 1930s, 1934, archive, bund, footage, french concession, french consulate, racecourse, rickshaw, sailors, shanghai, tourism, transportation, video

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