Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Cheers to our friendly blog that has turned fifteen!

Hugues Martin on Old Shanghai Blog Shanghailander Turning 15

One of the questions was: "If you could have a dinner party and invite characters from Old Shanghai, who would they be and why?"

Hugues named Du Yuesheng, Wallis Simpson, Carl Crow, Jacquinot de Besange and Albert Londres. I'd hang around to listen in on their conversations with Londres and Jacquinot – if they kindly switched to English. And if I were organizing a Russian Salon with old Shanghai characters, I'd want the performer Alexander Vertinsky, writers Natalia Ilyina and Vladimir Zhiganov (Jiganoff), architects Emmanuel Gran and Ilarion Tomashevsky, artists Vera Kuznetzova, Jacob Lehonos and Victor Podgoursky, publisher Ivan Kounin, general Ivan Mrochkovsky, the mysterious Bubi Fominykh, Sarette Baranovsky, Indra Devi...

The question is, should it be a pajama party or a masked ball?

"Pyjamas for every occasion were worn at the recent fashion show staged at the Majestic Hotel in aid of the Jewish Women's Benevolent Society. Above are the attractive models: Miss Polly Lessner, Miss E. Lipkovsky, Mrs. Lloyd, Miss Anna Harris and Miss Anna Finkelstein. – Wei Fong. (May 1930)
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