Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Two banquets for the WWI veterans at the French Club (photos)

Shanghai, 1936. Banquet for the veterans of the First World War. Left to right, from the lower row: Grobois, Lourier, Mme Chapeau, le Consul Général Baudez, d'Auxion de Ruffé, le Colonel Fichepin, Capt. Gaible, Cochain, Jankowsky, Duclos, Moreste, Benois, St. Jal Alary, Lambalet, Clembaur, Gaggino, Bertet, de Voyod, Bykhovsky.

Closeup on the decor – the work of the Russian artists Pashkoff, Stupin, Shibaeff and Podgoursky:

French pilots Viborel, de Voyod and de Remmert in the foyer of the French Club (Cercle Sportif Français), in 1943. The original mosaic floor is still in the building.

Source: ETH Zürich.
Tags: 1930s, 1936, 1940s, 1943, archive, aviation, french club, party

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