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Updated list of my articles about Shanghai architecture in English

It’s been a while since I last published a new article on Shanghai architecture, in English or in Russian – been very busy. But for now, here is an updated list of my blog entries about Shanghai locations, in English:

- St. Tichon's Orphanage (1935);
- Early circus in Shanghai (1902);
- The Eight Hundred 八佰 (2020) – extra magic realism or red sci-fi?
- Jubilee Court (1935) – "an eye-opener for Shanghai" ;
- Edison Calatroni and Ernyi S. Hsieh, Shanghai architects;
- Dubail Apartments (1931);
- Shanghai city wall and gates, at the HPC Visualising China blog;
- Dajing Pavilion on the city wall;
- Lishui Bathhouse (1936);
- Midget Apartments (1931);
- Broadway, now Daming Lu;
- Ritz Casino (not surviving);
- Elly Kadoorie's Marble Hall (1924);
- The original Columbia Country Club and other enterprises (not surviving);
- Futuristic visions in old Shanghai;
- When did the pedicab come to Shanghai?
- Auto Palace (1932);
- Blackstone Apartments (1925);
- Triangle Motors (1931–1949);
- Japanese Buddhist Temple Nishi Honganji (1931);
- Russo-Chinese Bank (1902);
- Majestic Theatre (1941);
- War Memorial, Kiangse Road Water Tower and Club Concordia;
- The Chinese YMCA (1931);
- Messageries Maritimes (1939);
- Mother Ariadna's Convent and St. Olga's Orphanage (1935);
- Sun Co. Department Store (1936);
- Adeodata Hall, Ezra family residence (1912);
- Great Northern Telegraph (1908);
- Parc Ravinel (1941);
- The Drummond family residence the Dennartt, and Victory Terrace (1890s);

Image: Tango Bar, possibly in Shanghai.
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