Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

A new trove of old photos uncovered


"From January 31st to April 18th, 2021, Urbancross Gallery will present the exhibition "Now a Landscape, Now a Room: An Architect’s Photographic Diary of Shanghai in the 1930s". The new exhibition will show 21 photographs by architect Tung Chuin. Some of the images were released for the first time. Through Tung Chuin's lens, we can see the urbanization process of Shanghai in the 1930s."

"As an architect, Tung used to walk around the city with a camera and shoot the buildings that worth learning or examining. He would put the focus on a building and raise the camera high enough to get a whole picture of it. He would deliberately avoid pedestrians and vehicles. He would also climb high and get an aerial view of the city, just like an architect overlooking a city model."

The architect Tung Chuin (Tong Jun 童寯; 1900–1983) was one of the three founding members of the Allied Architects, responsible for the construction of Metropol Theatre on Tibet Road (1933) – we can see it on the poster, Mercantile Bank on Tianjin Road (1933) YMCA Theatre in Suzhou (1933), National Commercial Bank on Beijing Road (1934) and Metropolitan Hotel in Nanking (1935), among other projects.

Tags: architects, bubbling well road, cinema, exhibition, photography, shanghai, tibet road

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