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Vox, the ‘child’ of Emily Hahn and Shao Xunmei (1935)

“Being an editor has done something strange to me... Already I am growing stodgy and inclined to admit there are after all two sides to every question.” Emily Hahn, Vox, September 1935.

Thanks to a discovery by a fellow researcher of Shanghai modernism, Kelly W. S. Ritter, we now have a “then and now” comparison of The Modern Press publishing house (时代印刷厂), created in 1935 by the renowned literati Shao Xunmei 邵洵美 (aka Zau Sinmay). The address is 21 Pingliang Road 平凉路21号, right on the border of Hongkew and Yangtszepoo.



It is said that since starting the publishing house, Shao Xunmei moved in a house nearby, to be closer to the office. Most Chinese sources point at 47 Macgregor Road (now Lintong Lu) 临潼路47号, which is an old terraced house. I guess you can call it "a gabled Victorian home of roughcast brick"?

Or maybe it was 25 Pingliang Road 平凉路25号 – a beautiful villa right behind the Modern Press building? I'm not sure.

A notable product of The Modern Press was the Vox (声色画报) – a Sino-English pictorial monthly, which first appeared in September 1935 and ran for three issues. Shao Xunmei was the Chinese content editor, while his colleague Emily "Mickey" Hahn acted as the English-language editor. The monthly became a weekly in 1936, with Emily Hahn editing it together with T. U. Loh from an office on Foochow Road, but that's another story...

Here is the cover of the first issue of Vox:

Below I am copying the description in Chinese:

[Vox 声色 (1935)...]






Download the September 1935 issue from Archive.org to read Emily Hahn's confession and to find out why "Shanghai is swell" and at the same time "rotten."

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