Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Shanghai real estate news: seemless room panoramas

I was just looking up an address on Middle Fuxing Road and suddenly found myself inside someone's home... This might seem an odd choice of a showcase apartment for VR technologies, but the team probably had fun working with so many rich textures. I was already impressed with being able to look around the room, and then I found a video walkthrough of the whole apartment – all 25 square meters of it – through the kitchen and into the bathroom (and what bathroom!). Just press the "play" triangle with 进房 on the website, or watch the video recording below.

This place reminded me of renting a studio/workroom in a crowded old apartment on Anfu Road back in 2014. And of playing Myst in my college years. I was tempted to lift the lid and check what's inside the wok...

[See more images...]

By the way, this apartment sold for 382,000 US dollars.

There are many more video walkthroughs on anjuke.

Tags: 2020, fuxing road, real estate, shanghai, 复兴中路

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