Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

More cool drone views

A view of the old town's northwest (looking toward Laoximen) and northeast (looking toward Yuyuan), shot from near Fangbang Road: https://shanghai.anjuke.com/community/view/3143?from=Filter_1&hfilter=filterlist

Old town's southeast, seen from the outer edge, near East Fuxing Road: https://shanghai.anjuke.com/community/view/820148?from=Filter_1&hfilter=filterlist

This is also old town's southeast and some of Dongjiadu, seen from further east than the above location: https://shanghai.anjuke.com/community/view/3354?from=map_detailcomm

Old town's southeast and southeast, seen from a point near Henan Road and Penglai Road: https://shanghai.anjuke.com/community/view/3665?from=Filter_1&hfilter=filterlist

Dongjiadu near Nanpu Bridge (nothing to see, really; it's all under construction): https://shanghai.anjuke.com/community/view/917191?from=map_detailcomm

Previously seen drone views: https://avezink.livejournal.com/263066.html

Tags: 2020, mapping, old town, real estate, shanghai, 老城厢

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