Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Old Xujiahui

I was looking for something else, but as it always happens, I came across these interesting images of what Xujiahui was like before my time.

Xujiahui Creek before it was filled.

Looking north-east in the 1920s, along Avenue Petain (today's Hengshan Lu).

Looking east along Avenue Petain in the 1930s, probably. We can now see the Picardie and the Cavendish Court in the distance.

This shot from 1983 makes the position of the above corner clear.

The sharp-corner building was demolished in 1989. Today it is Huijin Department Store (汇金广场). The corner on the left is now Pacific Department Store (太平洋百货).

Update Oct 11, 2015: Found several more shots of Xujiahui from the 1980s.

1950s Xujiahui; looking along Zhaojiabang Road. The smokestack of the rubber factory is producing a lot of smoke; other smokestacks are operating too.

Looking east along Zhaojiabang Rd. How green it was! The smokestack of the rubber factory is visible in the center (now it's a monument at the corner of Xujiahui Park). Hengshan Hotel/Picardie seems to have vertical red banners with big characters hanging along the facade. On the horizon we see the Grosvenor Building and Cathay Mansions.
Tags: french concession, old and new, photo, shanghai, xujiahui

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