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Shanghai real estate quibbles


At the bottom of this post, which mostly praises the historic character of Huaihai Road, is a piece of property for sale and for rent. It is a modern standalone villa with a garden and a parking spot, inside the gated complex at 1768 Middle Huaihai Road. The original historic villas at this address were entirely demolished in 2000 and the land was built up with new houses similar to the original ones, but more closely packed. The surviving old building facing Huaihai Road was given a heritage plaque, which not-so-accidentally creates an impression the whole complex is historic.

This is one of the original buildings (where the German architect Rudolf Hamburger used to reside in the 1930s), but this is not what you're getting:
Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 8.31.04 AM.jpg

And this is one the houses built in 2001:

The villa on the market is unexciting – clean and ugly, like so many of these "properties." Built-in air-conditioning, polished stone tile floor, track lighting – all that hotel stuff. I'm copying the details below, mostly to admire the prices: 13 million+ euro to buy, 18,000 euro to rent.

Lane 1768 Middle Huaihai Road
Built area of the house – 309 sq m; garden – 180 sq m.
Selling price: 13 million euro plus taxes.
Rental price: 18,000 euro a month.





地    址:淮海中路1768弄

风    格:联立式花园住宅

铜    牌:上海市优秀历史保护建筑



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