Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

White Russian Apartments 白俄罗斯公寓?

Image: rabbit_3922 at sina.com

This modernist residential building at 20 Tai'an Road 泰安路20号 (two minutes' walk from my home of ten years), once known as Daisy Apartments, on Route Camille Lorioz, is labelled "White Russian Apartments" 白俄罗斯公寓 on Chinese real estate websites. Hmmm...

In 1932, when Daisy Apartments was not built yet, 63 westerners lived on this block. This number generally reflects the low density of this area; the neighboring block where the Normandie stands had almost 250 foreign residents.

At different times, Lev and Mina Trofimoff, E. O. Mather, H. M. Dreyfus Bing, Mrs. E. L. Hall, Mr & Mrs Paul Schiff and M. Savitsky resided at Daisy Apartments.

Tags: architecture, french concession, investigation, route lorioz, russians, shanghai

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