Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

China Light and Power building – another work of Emmanuel Gran (1940)

Emmanuel Gran, the highest-flying of the Russian architects of Shanghai, confirmed in an interview, a few months before his death, that he designed the China Light and Power (CLP) building on Argyle Street, in Hong Kong. These photos, from the amazing Gwulo website and from the CLP archives, show the building. Quite the Gran style, indeed: blocky, super-modernist, bilateral symmetry. A few years back, the entire complex was threatened by the demolition but it appears it has regained its protected status since then.

Building under the construction, June 1940. Image: Gwulo.

The entire complex. Image: Hong Kong Heritage Project

The CLP building still stands and is used by the same company! A continuity one rarely enjoys on the mainland. Image: CLP Group.

The cool clock! Image: Hong Kong Heritage Project

Tags: 1940, 1940s, architects, architecture, brs, gran, hong kong, russians, then and now

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