Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Shanghai, the Chicago of the East (1931)

"Opium, gambling, white slaves..." This article appeared in the Russian-language «Иллюстрированная Россия» (La Russie Illustrée) in April, 1931:

Captions: Market day in one of the "dark" quarters in Shanghai. Opium smoker in the street.

Captions: Street urchins in Shanghai. Funeral of a gangster. Woman of the demi-monde. And a little inset describing the lilongs: "Shanghai's criminal streets owe their darkness and mysteriousness to the forbidding appearance of the row houses, which are more ominous than those of Chicago, London and Marseille, where the presence, if invisible, of the law enforcement is somewhat felt, whereas in Shanghai a careless wanderer is completely helpless. He can be kidnapped like a sack of laundry, lured into a trap, robbed, and killed – and no one will ever track the perpetrators, or even consider looking for them."


Tags: 1930s, 1931, newspaper, russians, shanghai

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