Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

The column is growing...

The NETA (Nobody Ever Talks About) column, dedicated to the lesser-known Shanghai architects, is growing! Now we have these names:

Gabriel Rabinovich
Wladimir Livin-Goldenstaedt
Karsten Hermann Suhr
Ilarion Tomashevsky
Hans Hajek
Boris Krivoss
Isabella Karsnitsky
Hans Berents
Marcel Guillet
Okano Shigehisa
Bright Fraser
Wm. A. Kirk
A. W. Graham-Brown
James Harry Blackstone and George Alexander Johnson

Future issues will introduce Godfrey Fozhen Ede, Paul Chelazzi, George Edward Koster, Edison Calatroni, Bela Matrai, Chiulin Shih, Elgin Erik Suenson, Paul R. Gruenbergue and Jones Architects, all of whom left their mark on Shanghai.

Additional notable names can be seen on the Building Russian Shanghai website. Among them there are:

Emmanuel Gran
Alexander J. Yaron
Victor Podgoursky
Jacob Lehonos
A. V. Kooklin

There is also an entry in the heavyweights category – Charles Henry Gonda – who is a celebrity now, but a few years ago very few people knew his first name or had seen his photo.

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