Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Hotels on Tibet Road: the cheat sheet

This view across the Racecourse allows us to see a number of hotels on Tibet Road, whose names are easy to confuse. On the far left is the Chai Loh (Chi Loh) Hotel and cabaret 爵禄饭店. Further to the right, on the south side of Fuzhou Road, is the Great China Hotel 大中华饭店. Third from the left, on a sharp corner lot on the south side of Canton Road, is the Grand Hotel, confusingly named 东方饭店 in Chinese. Fourth in the row, to the south of Hubei Road is the Far Eastern Hotel (远东饭店). On the far right is the Dollar Hotel 大陆饭店. The three buildings in the center survive to this day.

Below are some closeups.

Chai Loh (Chi Loh) Hotel 爵禄饭店:

Great China Hotel 大中华饭店:

Grand Hotel 东方饭店:

Far Eastern Hotel 远东饭店:

All images: Harrison Forman, 1937.

A different angle:

Tags: 1930s, cabaret, fuzhou road, guangdong road, hotel, racecourse, shanghai, tibet road

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