Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

Drawings from the Qiaojia Road area – today

The intrepid team of cool urban artists Drawing Shanghai were sketching in the Qiaojia Road neighborhood today. They post their art on Wechat and in their blog. Today, the group focused the building with the bizarre "tripple nipple" on top, formerly part of the Zhenwugong temple (真武宫). The temple territory is now divided into two addresses: 35 Qiaojiashan 乔家栅35号 and 60 Yuanyangting Lane 鸳鸯亭弄60号. The former is used as a retirement home, and the latter is a residence. The building with the dome is indeed built like a residence, not like a temple. Overall, very little is known about Zhenwugong and why it looks like this.

Artist: Arlyna.

Artist: Jodie Tang.

Tags: 2020, footage, old town, qiaojia road, redevelopment, shanghai, taoism, temple, video, yuanyangting alley, 乔家栅, 乔家路, 老城厢, 鸳鸯亭弄

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