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1940s images of Shanghai from the Coca Cola Archive

The Coca Cola Archive has a wonderful collection of images of 1940s Shanghai. Although the product and the brand are in every shot, there is a lot of context there as well, showing some rare street views and curious interiors. Many of these images are already mapped, so you can click on them for the location.

Honolulu Bar and Beer Garden, at 704 Avenue Joffre (now Middle Huaihai Road):

Argentina Ballroom, at 626 Avenue Haig, the site of the first-ever Miss China contest in 1941, now a party cadre school (888 Jiangsu Road)

Dr. Andrew Field, the authority on Shanghai nightlife and entertainment, helped identify this interior as the Paramount Ballroom:

[See more images...]
Huaihai Road, looking toward Xangyang Park:

I already wrote about the Russian stores and restaurants from this collection, but here is the corner that best illustrates the fascinating multilingual density of Shanghai streets. This is the SE corner of Yandang Road and Xing'an Road:

Middle Huaihai Road, near Yandang Road, north side:

NE corner of Huaihai and Shaanxi Roads, where the Parkson mall now stands:

New Zealand Ballroom, on Jiangning Road, the site of the Miss Shanghai-1946 beauty pageant:

Outside the Grand Theatre, West Nanjing Road:

Pah Dah Wong Grocery store, which used to be where Wuyi Road branches out of Yan'an Road:

Although I posted it earlier, how can I resist showing the Normandie Apartments? This is the Wukang Road side:

See the whole collection here.

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