Katya Knyazeva (avezink) wrote,
Katya Knyazeva

The Bund on Russian book covers

Here is a little selection of Russian-language books published in Shanghai, which have the views of the Bund on their covers.

The cover of Pavel Severny's novel Lady (1938) shows the stylized HSBC building and the Custom House. Design by A. A. Yaron (son of the architect):

Collection of Mihail Drozdov.

The cover of N. Yazykoff's Poems About a Samovar (1933) has the classical Bund skyline at the bottom, from the HSBC building to the Club Concordia:

A poetry collection by young writers, called Our Own Way (1942), also has a lineup of important Bund buildings, from HSBC to the Cathay:

Image: A. Khisamutdinov.

Not a cover, but a title page: V. Jiganoff (Zhiganov), Russians in Shanghai (1936). The design by A. S. Berezin (1903–1936) shows the panoramic view of the Bund from the Custom House to the Cathay Hotel:

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