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Villa at 310 Hart Road then and now (1948 vs. 2019)

This historic brick mansion on the southeast corner of Changde Road and Beijing Road is surrounded by wide roads and modern high rises. Prompted by a thorough photographic exploration by Shanghai Architecture Wandering 走跳上海建築 and a useful location advice from 随意, I put together a little background info.

Villa at 310 Hart Road, near Avenue Road
310 Changde Road // 常德路310号

Here it is on the aerial map from 1948. Avenue Road (now Beijing Road) runs somewhat horizontally; Hart Road intersects it:

It was built prior to 1927, probably as a residence. Up until 1939 here was a boarding house operated by Mr and Mrs Chalmers, whose tenants took the landlords to court over the absence of hot water for their morning bath!

In 1939–1941 it was a girls' school:

Map: Virtual Shanghai

From 1941 until at least 1948 this was the Shanghai Lutheran Center: "The Lutheran Center was established with Lutheran World Action funds and contributions from Lutheran Missions in China, including our own. It was used during and after the war as a center for men in our armed forces. The Center provided a temporary home for many missionaries passing through Shanghai when forced by communists to leave their fields. It has also provided a home for our missionary family assigned to Shanghai for new work opened in that city." (Source)

And here it is today:

Image: Shanghai Architecture Wandering 走跳上海建築

The complete set of wonderful recent photos of this building is in the link.

See more then and now photo comparisons.

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