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Views of Harbin

The French online auction delcampe.net is a great source of old postcards and photographs, reasonably hi-res. Below is a selection of images of Russian Harbin.

Kitayskaya Street (Китайская улица) in Pristan (Wharf) District, with signage of photo studios, dressmakers and haberdasheries. Economia Bookstore (Книжный магазин "Экономия") is in the center, at No. 16:

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Pristan District // Пристань // Wharf Town on Sungari River:

Mostovaya Street //  Мостовая улица, in Pristan:

Boulevard Street // Бульварная улица, in Pristan:

Kitayskaya Street // Китайская улица, in Pristan District:

Fuchiatien (Fujiadian), the Chinese District // 傅家甸 // Фудзядян:

Two views of Glavnaya Street // Main Street // Главная улица, in Fuchiatien:

Main Railway Station // Вокзал:

Waiting for the train:

Iverskaya Church // Иверская церковь:

Hospital of Iversky Confraternity // Госпиталь Иверской общины Красного Креста:

Chamber of Commerce // Коммерческое собрание:

Old Public Garden // Старый общественный сад:

New Town //  Новый город:

Tchurin's Department Store // Магазин "Чурин и Ко":

Administration of the Red Cross // Правление Красного Креста:

North Manchurian Railway Station in the New Town // Вокзал в Новом городе:

Top image: portrait from the M. Scamoni Studio, late 1920s

Tags: 1910s, 1920s, 1930s, archive, harbin, photography, postcard, russians

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